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I was lucky enough to visit many interesting and beautiful places during 2012, including the ship-yard in Gdansk where Solidarity & Freedom began ... these are a few photos from there.
Poland as a whole was very interesting - great food, miles & miles of nature but a surprising amount of poverty away from the main towns and some extreme weather!
Also, away from the main cities, some of the reputable tourist guides get it hopelessly wrong! Really great, cultured, little towns don't get a mention but dismal tourist drinking dens are praised.
The roads can be difficult too. You can leave town at 50 mph on a proper road, only to find it turns into an unmade country lane without any warning. Even fairly new tourist routes can have deep grooves in them that could roll your car if you're careless.

On the plus side (and it's a big plus side) Poland is friendly, relatively inexpensive, and with vast areas of unspoiled countryside, but do try to take advice before you travel from someone who has actually been there!

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