Mal O(non-registered)
IDM. Many stunning, warming, honest photos. Thanks for the opportunity to view them.
Many thanks for sharing these great impressions from the IDM2016. A very nice mix that captures the atmosphere very well.
Lotten Andersson(non-registered)
Really nice photos from ISTAF, Grahame! Especially from the high jump. But the different sports are all really well captured. I hope manage to/want to sell the pictures or make an exhibition!
Lotten Andersson(non-registered)
i truly admire your pictures! Especially the winter pictures from northern Sweden - The ones with bandy players that look like dancers and all the ones from Jokkmokk! Beautiful colours look even more beautiful on your pictures than in real life. Let's have some more from this winter!
David Mottershead(non-registered)
Great work Grahame, especially the Northern Lights photos, which as an amateur astronomer (as well as photographer) I am particularly envious.

Keep them coming!!
John R(non-registered)
A friend of mine sent me the links to both your blog and photograph websites. I enjoyed reading your "Man of Mystery" blog which gave me food for thought about family life and relationships between parents and their children. Also, your photographic work is of a high standard, you seem to have a keen eye for capturing detail and composition. I look forward to seeing more of your work posted in the future.
You've got the eye for the quiet details as well as the ones full of life...
I hope there are many more beautiful pictures to come, each of them telling a story.
lorna gear(non-registered)
Your photographs are breathtaking. I wonder about your camera and how difficult is it for people to take wonderful photo's even if they don't have marvellous equipment?
It is a joy to see your creative and beautiful work. Thank you for sharing.
Gosha Nagashima(non-registered)
Grahame, your work is of a level of such excellence and astounding beauty....congratulations!!!
I think I like everything you've created...
Seriously, there was not one photograph I didn't think to my self, "Wow, this is amazing!"
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